Honor Band Opportunities

The Raider Band Directors firmly believe in the enormous benefits our students gain from the honor band experience and we encourage every single member of the band to audition.  Our students get important life lessons and enrichment from every step of the process: working their audition pieces over and over again striving for perfection - dealing with nervous anxiety in an audition setting - learning appropriate responses to good or bad audition results - meeting and working with students from other schools who also "get it" - and finally, putting on an incredible concert for family and friends with pictures and a recording for posterity.  And of course, the rewards are not only for these individual students. As they build character, growing as musicians and people, they become better role models for other band members and contribute to building an even stronger Raider Band.  

LMEA District VI Honor Bands

Junior High Honor Band


Every year the New Orleans District of the Louisiana Music Educators Association hosts several honor bands for students in the metropolitan area. Honor Bands are usually one-weekend events in which the students practice for 2 to 3 days and then perform under a guest clinician. Auditions consist of two or three prepared excerpts, selected scales, and sight-reading. Exact audition requirements and details can be found on the District VI Website as well as the LMEA Website.  Music can be obtained from the indicated method books or from one of the Raider Band Directors.  

District VI sets different dates for Concert & Jazz Honor Bands so students are encouraged to participate in both.  It should also be noted that 9th grade students may participate in Junior High or Senior High Honor Bands but not both.  However, they may audition for both bands and decide where they would like to participate afterwards.  

LMEA District VI Honor Band - Junior & Senior High Levels
Junior High auditions are an option for our 8th & 9th graders. The more advanced, High School auditions are open to grades 9 through 12. There is a $5 audition fee as well as a $15 participation fee following a successful audition.

LMEA District VI Jazz Honor Band - Junior & Senior High Levels
Jazz Honor Bands are available for Junior & Senior High students interested in jazz. As with the other Honor Bands, Junior High auditions are open to our 8th & 9th graders and High School auditions are for 9th through 12th graders.  Also like the other bands, there is a $5 audition fee as well as a $15 participation fee following a successful audition.

Senior High Honor Band

LMEA All-State Honor Bands

All-State Honor Band


Beyond the local district honor bands for the New Orleans area, LMEA also holds yearly state-wide honor bands that are open to all high school students across Louisiana.  All-State auditions, though more competitive because of the higher number of students participating, follow the same general structure as their district-level counterparts.  Students may only participate in one All-State ensemble in any given year.  Requirements for auditions are outlined on the LMEA website.

All State Symphonic & Concert Band
At the state level, students will have two rounds of auditions - first a local (or "first round") audition and then a state audition in a more remote location (called "second round") such as Baton Rouge. Each district of LMEA will send a prescribed number of students to the second round audition where students who successfully audition can be placed into either the highest ensemble, All State Symphonic Band, or the second group, All State Concert Band; participation in either ensemble is very prestigious.

All State Orchestra
Students who successfully pass the "first round" audition for All State can alternatively elect to try out for All State Orchestra instead of either of the above bands. The audition process is otherwise the same.

All State Jazz Band
The All State Jazz Band is now auditioned by recording. Instead of participating in the two-round structure like All State Band or Orchestra, students submit their audition in the form of a recording, handled by the chosen local LMEA representative.